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OK what formation u thinking use for ? I believe tht he will change last few mins before game start , next game u play def 4141 long ball to mid , counter on , if half time still not score yet , u change to 4411 rmb keep eyes on procession, if u low then him u choice high press

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Hi Justin

When you replied I was already in the game playing!

Good news is that I won 0-2 and then he got a player off so it was easy to end the game.

He played this formation... but with 2MC - you cannot see one because of the red card.

I also decided to play 4-5-1V ... with Attacking, Mixed, Mixed, Counter ... and then High, Easy, Zonal, Off... I had the up arrows on DL/DR and AML/AMR

4-2-2-2 hexagon - How to beat in Top Eleven 2017-montenegro-2.jpg

4-2-2-2 hexagon - How to beat in Top Eleven 2017-montenegro-result-1.jpg