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Thread: 4-1-4-1

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    Can anyone suggest me best orders for 4-1-4-1? Can it also be used as attacking?

    Is 4-1-4-1 better then 4-5-1V?


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    All Formations can be used as attacking, it depends on your opponent and your team.

    I usually use only formations with winger (AML/AMR or ML/MR), because I have pretty good ones.

    I also use mostly 4-5-1V and variations, I don't play same tactics every game.

    F.E. I use 4-5-1V against 4-0-3n-1-2, defensive-both flanks-long-on at beginning, if it doesn't work, I change something.
    I use 4-5-1V vs 4-4-2 classic, mostly: offensive-trough the middel-short-off at the beginning. If it doesn't work, I also change.

    BUT I also check my opponent, try the find his weakness. At first example, if opponent has 3 strong MC, I start playing 3n-1-3n-3w-1. At second example, if opponent has weak DL/DR, I'll go down (both) flanks.
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    I think its better than 4-5-1V. Against 4-5-1v you can overload on one side, play short passes down that wing, and hence secure the possession battle.

    For example you could play like this against 4-5-1v:
    MC-MC-MC-MR (O-arrow on MC in the middle)
    DMC-DMR (put the DMC a bit to the left)

    Play normal, low pressure, zonal, normal hitting and no counter or off-side turned on. Short passes down right side will always have plenty of support and passing options to center field. Crossings will be dangerous when they are made to MCs, and so forth.

    Then you go to hard pressure and counters on when you feel that you have started to get a grip of a game. If a game is sliding away from you, try hard attacking instantly for a few minutes, and if that doesn't pay off, go to man-man, high pressure and counter. Can use mix instead of short too.

    4-1-4-1 defensive and counter cannot really be exposed. I like to use 4 players at center field, hammer short passes down middle against it. OK but not great.

    A very good strategy (possible the best?) is to play 4-1-4-1 defensive and counter. Then have a few players that can play in multi positions, which can expose an opponent. Like if you can pull the ML and make him an AMC/ST -- without making an substitution. Against a team that is weak on the wings, you could do that and go down the right side without him noticing it. If a team is stronger on the wings, you can move a ML/MR to the AMC/ST position.
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    I have tried 4-1-4-1 but finding it hard to win even against the low quality teams. Even if I am winning it only by 1 goal margin

    I have players who can play on multiple location. Please can you suggest that order should I use to score more detail?

    My team can play 4-5-1V, 4-2-2-2, 4-2-3-1, 4-3-2W-1 etc.

    I do want to use wing formation as my wingers are very good.