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Thread: Ingame tactics change

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    Ingame tactics change

    Hi all,

    Quick question for you lot. On the iPhone version does the in-game formation page update when the opposing player switches formations mid game? I have played 7 full seasons now and have never seen a change reflected in game. I'm sure after playing dozens of watching managers that they would be making constant adjustments but I just never see it. It's been a real headache recently because i'm losing to managers now all the time who had poor 1st halves only to come out in the 2nd and trounce me. I always keep my players at full health, full morale and high bonus' so i know its not because my players are knackered. It has to be the opposition is making big changes I cant adjust to. Very aggravating!

    Also, has anyone ever scored a goal during the scripted sequence? (Like when the action is only in text and not being visualised?). Out of all these months of playing i've only scored one goal in a friendly in this fashion. Just seems like a useless feature if all the "he's through on goal" or "he must score here!" carry on never plays out.


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    I have seen oppo changing his formation in-game.. and adapted likewise. It does not happen too much because not many managers change their formation. Most are stick to one through the game (sometimes through whole season, I have some good teams opponents they play always 4-4-2nd.

    I have scored with only commentary but most times it just seems a minor bug that in that case the animation did not show up (ie I can see this happening when switching from game to formation and back.. it seems that if you tap to game exactly at the time of animation, animation is lost and you get only the commentary).
    But yes chances with commentary are doomed to fail in general.
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    To my experience, scoring with commentatry only happens either around the 50th minute or in the final 10. Never seen that at any other timing.
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