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Thread: 4-5-1 V-style

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moustafa Ronaldo View Post
    U r right, but my best scoring man is actually my new young star striker (ST and AMC) who i bought with only 8 tokens after 5 days from this season kick off xD he was Iraqi with value of 48M wich is the highest in my lvl. He was 5* but now he is 114% almost 7 stars i used to train him alone with greens but not too much, he scored most of the freekicks even though he doesn't has an ability (my world class shadow striker that i got from scout can't even keep it between the 3 bars he always miss by a mile), he scored 26 goals in 21 maches and 8 assists in the league so far. So having good players is the key factor for any successful formation.
    Yet recently my Narrow Diamond seems to work like charm with me specifically if i play def with counter, my back wingers scores and assist in almost every game, they scored some amazing goals, its scary xD
    Last match the oppo team had only 1 shot on target although he was 95% me 105% but i think u get the idea
    Yeah i get the idea, good players matter more than formations.
    Some players just won't perform even If they are high quality. If u ave a 91% striker that performs far better than your 116% player, it is better to stick with the 91% player and train him to a higher quality just as u did with ur striker

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    Antonio Gustavo Hernandez

    4-5-1 V-style

    As I said before many times in somewhere on this forum, 4-3N-2W-1 down flanks crashes 4-5-1V even against stronger opponents. Also 3W-5-2 V works well against it, if you're slightly stronger.

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    I'm starting to use 4-5-1 V and with my best 11 I have 2 options.
    1 - 4 defenders, 1 DMC, 1MC (one side), 1MAC (other side, slightly forward), 2 Wingers, 1 Striker;
    2 - 4 defenders, 1 DMC, 2MAC, 2 Wingers, 1 Striker;

    What are the common midfielders for this formation? 1 DMC and 2 MC? 2 MAC? or 1MC and 1 MAC?
    Would option 1 work?
    Is option 2 too offensive? should I re arrange agaisnt stronger teams?

    Thanks in advance for the help.
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