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Thread: Amazing formations and tactics- do not miss out on this

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    Amazing formations and tactics- do not miss out on this

    When you first begin top eleven you seem to struggle and easily get confused by what tactics and formations to use. if your struggling with tactics then read this

    When you first begin top eleven you want to get into the swing of the game so you should begin on balanced formations like
    41212-442-4132 and many more

    If you really want to win a tournament like the champions league or the super league or the cup and the league try this formation

    MR--MC--ML - 4231 WIDE 2 with this formation i may have not won any tournaments but i was - Runners up for cup and 3rd place runners
    ST up for the champions league.

    try this one aswell
    DMR--DMC - 4231 may not look like the best formation to use but i came 4th in the league and 3rd place runners up in the
    MC--MC--ML super league. these formations are based on posession and helps you keep the ball much better and tires out the
    ST midfeilders which gives you a better chance to score - tell me if these are good

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    I usually pick 442ND or 451V, I can use my best players this way.

    4231 is a bit too defensive for my taste, only one ST without AMC support can hurt when playing against defensive lineups. Easily overrun by solid defense line.

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    With time you will learn, sticking to one formation is hopeless
    You have to change your formations to counter oppos. formation and other tactics

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    I read many times here that in higher levels you should stick to one single formation.
    But I have to agree with you that it doesn't make much sense.

    Tried it, but always end up trying to counter or at least plug the holes in my formation by looking at the opponent's. Even during the game if the opponent makes any change

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    Sticking to one formation makes no sense as this is not a game like pes or Fifa where the longer u play a certain formation the better is the understanding of the formation by the this game,u stick to one formation and u may win one game 3-0 and in the next u could lose is always important to adapt to opponents formation