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Thread: Do blue arrows on my defenders combine well with d offside trap Tactic?

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    Do blue arrows on my defenders combine well with d offside trap Tactic?

    I play a 3w412 formation with d blue arrows on my dl and dr and also with d offside trap Tactic bcuz my team mentality is set to attack.
    However ive been struggling against much weaker teams of recent and ive been shipping in a lot of goals with my defenders and goalkeeper always rated 5 or 6. Just wondering if dis might be d cause
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    Good question. I never have good luck with offside trap, sometimes I get the message "we're playing attacking, offside is usually good with the mentality," if I use it, I don't see defender ratings go up. Sometimes I've had the message "opponent knows how to stop our counterattack" or "our defenders are too confused about the offside trap". But those messages, I can't really make sense of yet... I can be victim of counterattack with offside trap on, or low pressing, or down arrows on DCs. I can be caught off with down arrows on my ST, with normal mentality, with no forced counterattacks.

    Only thing I suspect is that offside trap doesn't work well if a defender on the line has an up arrow. Even that, I'm not confident.

    I'd like to know more about m2m marking and the offside trap, both can cost some goals when used at the wrong situation.
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