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Thread: uK tour

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    uK tour

    I have 115% team (lvl 39) i have tried 7 times to beat number 6 in tour i cant pass him , any help with formations and tactics for number 6 and 7 please and thank you .

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    play very aggressively, also make sure all the training bonus are 8% minimum.

    Use Physical Boost the most. I was on 122%, used 4-1-1-3-1, with wide fullbacks. one DM, CM, CAM with LW/RW and 1 striker.

    Play short to start with unless you went down, play hard attk, and long ball to get back in the game.
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    I until level 6 (get 30 token and jersey UK).

    My team 116% (114.2)
    formation 4-2-3-1
    4 is DL, DC, DC DR
    2 is DMC, DMC
    3 is AML, AMC, AMR
    1 is ST

    Setting :
    1. Rise mentality until green up.
    2. Pressing is high, Marking is one on one. Other setting depend the flow of game.
    3. Condition must above 50% (for prepare extra time and support point 2).
    4. Training must minimum 8%.
    5. Watch the match to support, analytic, and change the formation if needed.

    Red SIYers