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Thread: Live Animations Tactical Importance..

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    Quote Originally Posted by adifairus View Post
    ok let continue this discussion, if we know their tactic, what should we do?

    if i know they are passing down both flank i will make sure i got my fullback not going up and well rated

    if they are playing attacking mentality, what should i do? i need to swithc to defensive or no need to change the mentality? just enough with ON counter attack only?

    what to do if we know they are playing defensive with ON counter?
    It helps to know. For instance teams that play with a defensive mentality tend to dominate the game especially if they are weaker. once I notice that my opponent has set his team mentality to defensive, I have a set of orders that I use to counter this and it works 95% of the time.

    It's very important for me to know the mentality of my opponent given that I'm usually the strongest team in my league, so most opponents switch to defensive when they face me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spartan117 View Post
    I can also use it to guess the passing focus of my opponent. But it's not so accurate all the time.

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