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Thread: I have 2 qustions...

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    I have 2 qustions...

    the 1st one is the obvious - what to do with the scheme like this:

    I have 2 qustions...-screenshot_2018-04-10_20-19-29.jpg

    and my second question is... are the schemes like this legal? I assume my opponent should get some penalties?

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    to me, nothing is illegal in formation, it is whether effective or not,

    why i need so many defenders when against weaker opponent?

    "keep on scoring is the best defend"

    somebody play park the bus let 1 ST alone stay up front, then when it comes to counter attack, another 2 players will going forward, is it illegal? some might say it kills the beauty of football, but it's not illegal

    so, to answer your first question,

    if im weaker, i will park the bus and focus my counter through the middle
    I have 2 qustions...-park-bus.jpg

    but if im stronger or almost equal strength, i will play attacking, enough with 4 defenders, 1-DMC, 2-MC, my 3-Attackers will be either 3-ST, 1-AMC 2-ST or 1-ST & AMR/AML, my MC will dominate midfield battle and i will have many chance of scoring
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