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Thread: Quick question about training...

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    Quick question about training...

    I always use only subs in my training sessions to keep my starting 11 on high condition before game ,but my question is .Does that affect their game performance ?

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    that's mean you didn't train your 1st 11? their performance not really affected, but they will not gain skill, maybe only small gained skill from each of their match.

    the purpose of training actually is to increase your player skill,

    maybe your team will left behind in skill because your league/cup opponent may train their players including their 1st 11 everyday.

    they will become stronger until maybe much stronger than your team

    but even so, i also don't really train all my players, i just train until their condition enough to be ready for next match too.

    i only train my FT everyday and sometimes use rest pack for them, 3 FT every season.
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