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Thread: What are some good Defensive Formations. [New Player]

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    What are some good Defensive Formations. [New Player]

    So I started playing 2 days ago and the game with its formation system + tactic system is a bit confusing for me, could you explain it to me?
    Anyways this is a post about defensive formations.

    I am currenty using a 3-1-4-1-1 formation.

    And i was wondering is 3 defenders playable with x3 dc or only dl - dc - dr? And if yes is x3 dc and 1 dl + dmc + dr possible? Or it wont be efficient because it will
    have 6 defenders? Also how does the dl / dr system works? Btw is there any way to choose your footballers playstyle? (defending / attacking)
    What are some good defensive formations with counter attacks being the main option to score goals?
    Also how can you understand where you should pass through? I saw the game has an option of choosing how you will pass (short/long) and from where (flanks / middle ect). How do they work?
    Which is better when there are a lot of attackers (not only strikers), man-to-man or zonal?
    Final question
    If i decide to use offside trap isn't it a bit dangerous cuz if my defenders screw it up won't enemy attackers score?

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    yes you can play 3dc,choose attacking with up arrows red,defensive down with blue,451v is best defensive counters, watch the ratings of your players higher rating=get them the ball.only use offside when pressing low or your defenders will get caught out..good luck