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Thread: How to beat this strange 3 - 6 - 1

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    How to beat this strange 3 - 6 - 1

    Hi, I have a very important match for me today and my opponent plays such tactics:

    --MC MC MC --

    I have a slightly better team and am playing:

    ----DC DC DC----
    ML MC ---MC MR

    and for this match I thought I'd start with defensive, zonal defense on my own half, hard style of play, long balls, and counter attack. What do you think?

    What should I change in order to win? I don't have any good AML or AMR :/ Thanks for help
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    dont play defensively coz then you are letting him attack and you have only one DM and no DR/DL against his AML/AMC/AMR

    I would go with DC's, 1 DML and 1 DMR. Then i'd use 3 MC's with one of them having a blue arrow (down arrow) to help out against his AMC.


    attackking mode, through the middle, zonal marking with mixed passing