Hi, I'm looking for some pointers with how to play against this formation:

This is the quarter-final of the cup, a couple of hours from now. First leg was only a couple hours after a league match, and I fell asleep before fully resting my squad!! (around 60-70% condition oh noes) and woke up after the match had kicked off,... earlier that day, his team had a completely different formation and line-up, quality at only 18.5%, two stars, but he obviously was hiding his true line-up, which used an asymmetrical formation and battered me 4-0 at my ground - my first and only defeat this season.

So, its the second leg and he has just changed his formation and line-up to the one in the picture above. My quality is slightly better than his 82% (25.7) vs 88% (26.5)

My current setup is:

I use zonal, high press, mixed passing, easy tackles, offside on.

I was unbeaten all season until the first leg of this fixture... and I'm gunning for a triple crown, my player Ivanov is top scorer in the cup with 18 goals under his belt to the 2nd placed striker with 9. Id like to make the semi-final and keep the treble alive, but... Problem, being 4 goals down, I need goals badly. Any ideas? Muchos gracias!