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Thread: How counter 41131?

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    How counter 41131?

    Anything to suggest to beat this formation? Thanks
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    Depending on the players position availability, the ‘easiest’ is 4-5v-1.

    If opponent ST is too strong for even 2 DCs, then can consider 3-3-2M-1W-1. Basically 3 DCs vs 1ST, DL + DMC + DR man-marking 3 AMs, 2 MCs pulled wide to control Mc area plus wide midfield areas, and 1 winger + 1 ST. If AM is too strong, then can try 4-2DM-2-1W-1.

    Key is to avoid central area with opponent DMC, and make use of deployed fullbacks plus midfielders to add to winger to overload a flank to win.
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    I didn't like playing against this formation and had a problem with it. I found a series of 3dw-2dmc-2mc-aml-amr-st here and it worked. the second team from the league beat it twice with the ND formation