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Thread: So I got smashed by this guy ...

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    So I got smashed by this guy ...

    So I got smashed by this guy ...-smashed.jpg
    So I got smashed by this guy ...-why.png

    I lost to this guy 1-5 while I was the one on home. I had +5% position bonus and I still couldn't beat him. I clearly have a better team than him but I can't understand why I got my ass kicked that hard...

    My mentality was Attacking (then changed to Normal)
    Focus passing was centre based (seeing that his weaker players were in the middle)
    Pressing style was own half
    Tackling style was Normal
    Passing style was Mixed
    Marking style was man-to-man

    Is there anything wrong with my formation? Should I change something in the Orders section?
    I am thinking of changing my formation to something like :


    What should I know in advance?

    Thanks alot!

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    I'd go 4-5-1 v style. Attack from the flanks

    Congratulation Arsenal!!
    Hope these thread could help you, Formation-Tactic and GUIDE

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    I met 2 guys last season with many scouts and I had good results (1 defeat 1-0, 1 win 2-1, and 2 draws 1-1, 2-2) while I was an average 4* with 3-4 players at 5*. I had much ball possession and several shoots on target.

    I used exactly what u say: 3-1-4-1-1 plus: defending, whole pitch pressing, mixed focus (I think or down both flanks), zonal marking with a red arrow on AMC.

    Press whole pitch and turn to zonal mark. You may also change to normal or defending.
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