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Thread: Nations Cup Season 137

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    Nations Cup Season 137

    Lets list the nations That will take part. open to all existing Federations and to the new Ones.

    Main Rules:

    119,9% Average Quality in the Starting 11 without 1%-59% Players under the field.

    Substitutions allowed 3, rom 1% to allow availability and never exceeding the AvQ of the player you replace in each individual substitution.

    We have the draw already done for the 32 posible teams, the nations play 2 legs between them, the one which earns more points, go to next round, if the 2 nations have the same points, then the goals will decide without count double value as away team.

    In case that both teams, have the same points and goals scored/conceded, a Captains Duel will be needed and it will be played with the regular rules, just with some extra rules to prevent a 3rd game in case of double draw like 1-1/1-1. If a 3rd match is needed the second leg will be repeated and counting it as a ET.
    Extra time allow a 4th sub' in the 2nd game and entirely in the 3rd if needed.

    Let us know if you want to participate.

    16 FROM NL
    Senegal, Cyprus, North Macedonia, Kosovo, USA,
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