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Thread: Federations private cups

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    Federations private cups

    Lets reserve a space where to add ideas regarding this matter.

    It could be interesting if every group have a design and time to time invite 3 other federations to play the local tournament, earning the winning federation the trophy. Maybe we could involve a gifting system but this would need to be private and managed by the own groups tho' ... just that we could have 40 different titles to fight for...

    we could have a system, with different kinds of Tournaments achievable with different rules.

    -Guardian Challange (Fed) Tournament -
    win vs 7 oppos, and then, once u reach the Finale, to earn the Trophy, you will need to defeat 3 Local managers.
    These will have and AvQ advantadge of +4-8-12% respectively. Faced in a single leg match scheduled by the challanger candidate to earn the title.

    Normal National Local Cup - 3vs3 regular rules 119,9% +60min.


    Cap 80% -

    Veterans 26+ Aged

    3rd Goal Challange. The first to score the 3rd goal wins the round.

    among us style. 8 players 2 Impostors
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    Tekken Tournament - assigning a Life Bar consisting in goals to score vs the Oponent,
    we cound do a 2 vs1 with a oppo per round with different bar life, having 2/3 goals of life the challangers and 5-7 the “Boss” or round guardian. Odx cound be a 3vs1 challange.

    It could too consist in injury the Boss players, forcing him to sub a injuried player for a 1* in the enxt matcher of the round. Same with red cards.
    FK goals can count x2 vs the Boss as weakness. etc

    We could do 2 groups - Boss rounds and challangers. Challangers must win rounds till defeat the boss, maybe havinf 2 chances. As the Bosses would be in different rounds with different Life Bar allowed, these would earn points per each player defeated, so we could have a system where, a Challanger team can win if wins all rounds vs all Bosses or, a Boss can win a prize if eliminates X rivals, the more needed as earlier is the round.

    We could play with 8 players. These would throw a virtual dice sendign the result to a email., best 2 would be Impostors . We could have 1 general chat, and a 2nd for Impostors, common strategies could be traced in both chats.
    Impostors target would be to sack from the group the other 6 players.

    We would play Rounds of games, facing 1vs1 manager. If the managers have odd number, the 1st ranked would decide first who to face, and if wants to play. Eliminating the last from the 1vs1’s if he plays in case of odd numbers. This would create a 1st and last strategic spot.

    The concept is, that The Team 6 managers and the Impostors would collect “Good Goals” and “Bad Goals”. We would use the same formation for this. And a single Injury for 1 team player, would mean, that all managers will have to change the player of that position for a 1*. We could set the same rule when a player gets a straight red/ 2 yellows in a game.

    So, we would start letting know to the impostors their role. We would play a Round of 4 games 1vs1.
    The target for the Team 6 would be sum “Good Goals” coming, from the “Right side players. Only these would be valid to sum. But the Impostors God Goals would be Fake. Counting at the general chat, but not in the final comput. The Target of the team 6 ios to reach a Differance of X goals -we can discuss, +15,20,25.. - compared VS the Bad Goals that can be those coming from Left Positioned players dl-ml-maybe aml. Too we could count as Bad Goals the GK ones.

    So the Impostors target, is to Injury/ eliminate right sided players, and try to keep a high amount of Bad goals and, collect Fake goals to don’t bring up the attention.
    The game would end once the Team 6 reach a +(X) differance giving to the winner a reward. This means that the team 6 too can boycott the leader to win the prize.

    Then, if 2 Impostors are left vs 1 Team player or theres a 1 Impostor, 1 Team player we could set a rule to determine who wins, ex. 2 impostors vs 1, as a Player could be Fired per round, we could play a last round, allowing the Team Player to reach the +(X) Goal differance to win, this means he needs to be leader to decide who he Faces. In case of a 1vs1 too we could play a set of games until a bad amount or good amount of goals is achieved. Reminding that, If a player have a injury or a red, all participants have to change it for a 1*. After each round anyone can call for a -REPORT- and the first to write that word in the chat would have the right to explain his arguments against a participant. Votes would be emited allowing to vote Null -for noone- and in case of draw noone would be fired from the group.

    This is pending to improve*** as a balance in the way to earn good/bad goals could be needed.

    Defense Goals can count as bad goals to, try to allow more strategies, such as have the own Impostors trying to Injury/have sent off players to, force the whole Group to change a DC/DR/DL for a 1* and creating a weakness.***