What is the Official Managers Association?

The O.M.A. was created in 2013 as a private group in the Top Eleven forum to save articles of interest and became a own brand to organize competitions between the Top Eleven managers, the group joined the Clubs supporters list once the Facebook community and the Federations that integrate the structure of the Government were created, the O.M.A. is mainly a tool, to organize the communities, creating a realistic structure with a

main group and a National Federation available for each Nationality.

Each National Federation, have a Presidential system, and realistic roles to manage the own group and the competitions we've been doing, where

the Top Eleven managers can represent their own nation.

In the tournaments we've played, each Federation have initially a Interin President, that can name a Vicepresidency.

Then we played Nations Leagues and a Nations Cups, in a 3vs3 Format. Teams are selected by the Presidency who opens the National Selection Playoffs. One representative can be selected directly between the President/Vice or a selected manager. The other 2 places should be, if posible, earned by own merit. One manager is named Captain and his job is to do the draws when the team play as local, and too, in case that a playoff have a draw, a Captains Duel would decide the winner.

This is the Competition Format that we are currently using to play our tournaments between National Federations.

Don't hesitate to contact the different groups for any challange or request to open a space for a new National Federation.


Chapter I - Official Managers Association as main authority

Hereby, is recognaized as the main Administrative group, and regulatory power over the other groups is given, to the Official managers Association,

which will perform as a Main Administrative Government, with the authority and power to open new Groups, Federations, Channels, sites etc used as structures that will belong to the O.M.A. and that will represent, real National Federations, Ministries linked to the Government, or Spaces that will be, like the National Federations, tools to structure the community to create a realistic Political Administrative Institution, where to regulate too different Roles in the different Spaces that the O.M.A will create.

The nature of the O.M.A. is to create a realistic structure where the Top Eleven managers have the chance to be part of a community using the local language, and where they can represent their Nations in different competitions, managed by different communities aside from the O.M.A., and belong to a community that gives the possibility to adquire different Roles, regulated by "political rules" and based in the concept of "rewarding the effort" and "equality"

The O.M.A. can, organize different competitions and activities related with Top Eleven and the own existing Federations/Communities system.

Chapter II - The National Federations - Authority, Roles, Managers

Each Real Nation, recognized by the FIFA, have the right to have a own Space inside the O.M.A. structure. Any Top Eleven manager can request to the O.M.A. administration to open a National Group for his/her country.

The Federations System will belong entirely to the Central Administrative Government and will be subject to its regulation.

The Federations, will be initially, Facebook Groups where the managers can join to be part of a community, and these, the managers will have rights and duties.

Roles to emulate a realistic Political Administrative will be created with specific regulations, with the idea to provide, not only realism, too a tool where to reach different Positions of Power iside the existing Structure.

Regulated Roles:

-National Player/ Member - any Top Eleven Manager that joins a Federation or any of the groups linked to the O.M:A. will be considered a National Player / Member.

-Thse have the duty and obligation to keep the courtesy inside any of the O.M.A. spaces.

-Any personal attack will be tackled forcefully, in the first instance by the main Administration, and by a Competent Authotity -Federation Administration- if its needed.

-The O.M.A. main group administration have the right, to join the different competitions suggested and organized by itself, but cant claim Token rewards.

The Federations:

Remember that the federations are tools, that don't belong to any particular Role -Presidents- but the O.M.A. administration, so group admins can't sack people just cause of personal discrepancies/opposition.

-These, the Federations will have a President as a Main authority. This can be a Interim President, if the Central Government designates it. The President job is to administrate the Federation, to manage a space where national managers can join and participate in the different activities.

If, a President is obtained by a popular election, after call for elections, it will be called a Elected President. The presidential Perdiod, will last for 6 months, initially.

The President can name a Vicepresidency, and these 2 roles are the only ones that can have Moderation Powers inside a Federation.

The President and the Vicepresidency, have the task to administrate the Federation, and they will manage the national Playoffs of any existing competition, according to the rules that were stipulated in said tournament.

The own Presidency can, administrate own competitions inside the national federations.

Vicepresidency - Regulations

The Vicepresident represents the President in case that the first is missing for any cause.

During a mandate of 6 months, if the President leave the office, the Vicepresident will become automatically the new President till complete the remaining period of the 6 months that a Legislature have.

In case of Impeachment, the President can Resign, and set the Vicepresident as main figure to be voted in the polls, so to face the opposition.

Regulated Ministries - Suggested tasks

In order to improve the experience and create a structure to delegate tasks this document suggest some "Roles" that can be assigned, and tasks/targets

Ministry of Defence- to protect managers, prevent scams, hep to report issues, share alerts of allegedly scammers with other administrations/communities with the main concept of protecting managers and their security.

Ministry of Competitions - This can have different tasks, such as try to connect a Federation with otherr communities, to bring trophies achieved by the national Managers to the Federation Museum.

Ministry of Press&Promotion - We strongly recommend, to promote the groups, having ads, GIFs and promoting the activities managed by a particular National Federation, to attract new local managers. Sharing news about the group.

Ministry of Economy - Can be used to find Sponsors for competitions, so, to find rewards for tournament winners

The President can design any manager as a part of the staff, to help in the administration of the Federation.

Any other area or space created, will have the Roles regulated by creating the adequate rules, at the proper moment, such as the different Tournaments that the O.M.A. may create.

Any Rule related to the O.M.A. and its competitions will be announced in the Official Diary of the Official Managers Association - O.D.O.M.A.-

Chapter III - Presidency and electoral system

The Legislatures, meaning this, the time where a President will remain in the Office, will last for 6 "fixed months". So every 6 months we will call elections to all Federations where exists a opposition willing to compete for the Government.

We will consideer that the Ist Legislature started on the season 137 -137 Included-, so this will comprise the Period between the 137-142 Seasons, meaning that in the 6th season, the 142nd Federations will call to elections if its required. The Second Legislature will comprize periods between 143-148th, and so.

A President can keep the Role for 6 months. Then, as the concept of the O.M.A. and its groups is to perform as a realistic tool where the managers can earn different positions, by own merit/effort, different rules will regulate the terms of office and will allow the Federation Managers to participate/influence in the structure.

So, first of all, a Interim or Elected President, will initially remain as President for a 6 months Period.

Never forget that the Central Government has the faculty to remove a President.

To vote a new president, the President of the Federation, will call to elections, 15 days before the period of 6 months expires, and a date will be chosen to vote.

Once the president call to elections, the Central Government will do a Administrative Takeover of the Federation, and initially, noone will be allowed to join the federation.

Only the national Managers, inside the group can vote in the Presidential Elections, that will be won by the most voted candidate.

To call to elections- Impeachment Rules

Initially, if does not exist a known opposition, the president will remain in the Office extending the mandate for another Legislature of 6 months.

If, exists someone, willing to compete in a electoral career to perform as President, the Federation Government will call to elections, in the stablished dates, once every 6 months.

If, the Managers that belong to a Federation, after 3 months of mandate of the President, for any reason, like the team results, administration duties etc think that the President isn't performing properly, a Impeachment can be launched under the President.

Impeachment Protocole -

To launch a Presidential impeachment which could remove the current President of the office,

The Central Government will be informed, formally via PM. of the intention. So, to Prevent further discussions escalating, a Formal Impeachment Petition will be requested to the Central Government.

This, the petition, will need the signature, of the 15% -stipulated by the O.M.A. Administration in each case- of the Federation members, so, if the petition is accepted, the Central Government will open in first instance, a poll inside the federation asking for the managers opinion.

If, the 50%+1 of the national managers agree, then, we will proceed to the Presidential Impeachment, that will face in a election the current President, with a Candidate of the Opposition.

In case that the President Resigns, the current Vicepresident will be the one facing the opposition in the Impeachment Voting poll.

Of course, the President can name a new VP, to face the opposition, so select a "consensus figure".

The opposition candidate can be selected at any moment during this process and always before the Impeachment voting period.

The winner will remain as President during the current remaining Presidential Period-Legislature, of 6 months. Then he will call to elections according to the mentioned procedure once the natural 6 months period expires.