Please give me some ideas ^^-top.jpg
Hello guys
This is my whole team and i want to ask whether it is fine or not.
There are total 22 players. You guys think that is it too many players or just enough? I know 22 is the maximum players i can have. However, it seems that not many people have all 22 players like me. Some reasons why i keep storing 22 players:
1/ Usually 2 matches per day so i can choose each squar for each match. That helps me not to worried about players' health or dont need to use Rest
2/ For a injured player i can easily pick another one to replace him. Do not need to care about who is more suitable to be chosen or pick a player and force him to play in wrong position
You can see that i have up to 2 players for each position

However, i found that it will take a long time for them to be better because each of these players can only attemp once a day. The skill points they can earn may be about 1 or 2 ( except points from friendly matches ). Therefore, the quality of each player only increased by 2 to 3 in whole a season. Besides, i often have to use boost to keep some of my players enthusiastic so it costs me more Boost rather than Rest.
That's all please give me your thoughts, i still think at some points it is good to keep the current number of players ( 22 players ) but i also want to change if there are any great ideas. ^^