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Thread: A little research on Top Eleven

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    A little research on Top Eleven

    Hello Top Eleven bro's

    I'm doing a research for freemium football games. I'd appreciate if you take a moment to answer the questions below.

    1) Age?
    2) Are you into football much? Do you watch it on tv or practice it yourself?
    3) Do you play Top Eleven every day?
    4) Do you play Top eleven individually or with friends? in case of playing it with friends, do you know them in real-life? Are they friends or teammates of your local amateur club?
    5) Do you spend money on this game to buy tokens? if so, do you spend it particularly on transfers, scouts, logo's or packages?
    6) Are you more motivated to spend money on this game if you play with friends in a competition?

    Thank you in advance!

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    1. 20
    2. watch tv
    3. yes
    4. with friends, i dont know them irl
    5.yes, packages
    6. yes