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Thread: Nice People Here On This Forum (Thanks)

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    Nice People Here On This Forum (Thanks)

    This season is about to finish. I would like to say that this forum is much better than some other forums. People here seem to be nicer. It seems that there are no provocative or annoying users. I would like to say thank you to all those who have replied to my posts, and also a thanks for helping.

    The forum contains a lot of helpful information.

    A special mention to nikolgiorgos. I have read some of his posts. This user has something 'special'.

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    Thanks pal, but there isn't something special about me
    I 'm just a fan of the game, who, after joining the forum, I read a lot of older posts, asked many questions and shared my experience and thoughts with other forum friends.
    But this give me a pass to memorize some of them
    There were guys who helped me a lot but they are not active any more, like RJSlow, Siddharth, Phillip Willis, El Duderino (in tactics)
    Some of them are coming less often, like Tarcanes, MaxTax, July 4th
    some from time to time, like t11_fan, Beckstar
    and some are still active and helpful, more or less often, like Khris, Buffs Mad, Bridgegoth, Gert Funk, cook, NTNK, Stepenwolf, Kynan, Sporny and others (sorry if I forget some)
    Mods of the forum, Pricop & Cat are always present and helpful.
    Also I could give a -1 to forum administrators and devs of the game because with their presence and knowledge (of the game) they could be more helpful for the members
    but I can give a +1, because even if this forum is a guest of and nordeus, they aren't trying to "control" the forum and they tolerate critics, (in a bad way many times).
    In one month, I 'll be one year active player and forum member. I don't know what will be after one more year but if I 'm away, I hope that you can share your knowledge and experience with any new members.

    *and you can call me Nik
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    Hey Tactician, nice to see you like it here. Enjoy your time and don't forget to show us your team and keep us updated!
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