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    Question New site Top Eleven

    Hello, I am Brazilian and I speak in Portuguese, I'm using google translator so excuse me.
    I created a blog in order to post relevant content for Top Eleven and more organized, it happened that I alone do not account, then I am "recruiting" people active here in the Top Eleven forum, who want to help me in this.
    The posts will have to be in English, and have a copy version in Portuguese, they can use the google translator, as I am fluent in Portuguese, whenever possible I'll see posts in Portuguese that some content creator posted translating alert by google and google will fix the errors. Anyway, if they are interested in helping, the blog has the requirements in English and Portuguese.

    I ask you to take like here in the post also to help spread if you want to participate in the blog just ask. link so count hits to the website: How to Counter Top Eleven

    Direct link: How to Counter Top Eleven


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    Good luck with your page!
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