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Thread: Forum: Unable to login or retrieve password

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    Forum: Unable to login or retrieve password

    Questions to Forum Administrators:

    1)I'm definitely sure I had an account with this forum but I can't find it. My account was Manos or Kotsolis. I always use the same password in all forums! And today where I see that you changed your forum, I haven't logged in for days. Did you change the account system? Did we lose our old accounts or passwords? What happened here? Because we should see a message at the top of the forum saying "Forum accounts have changed, retrieve passwords etc." No warning there! And if you sent us an email it's most likely we didn't read it because 50% of internet users use their 2nd email account to register in forums, to avoid spams! (surprise)

    2)When I tried to retrieve my password, I enter my email address but then it says that the CAPTCHA doesn't work! I tried it more than 4-5 times! Who has retrieved his password here? It's obvious that you should change your CAPTCHA!

    3)Does VBulletin version have bigger smilies? (off-topic but I want to use it in my forum).

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    This is a new forum, old one was on phpbb and this one is using an other platform vbulletin so you need to make a new account, everyone lose he's old account forum old forum

    This should be your old account: Top Eleven Football Manager - Forum • Login
    Here is the old forum: Top Eleven Football Manager - Forum • Index page

    I hope I helped you.
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