...I'd be screwed over every single year.

If you don't know what these brackets are, it's basically, it's pretty much a giant tournament held by college basketball teams from different conferences/leagues composed of 64 players. Annually, fans like me make up a college bracket to predict what rank a school team is and which team will beat who. Only one game, so if you blow it, you're done. Then the "Final Four" teams of the conferences square off against each other to win the big title.

Unfortunately, I get screwed over every single year. A few years ago it was VCU. This year it's Harvard and Florida International. Yes; a bunch of athletic nerds and nobodies beat my Final Four picks. And stuff like that happens pretty often, but highly unpredictable. To put into perspective, it's like Chelsea winning the Champions League. >_<

Like I said, maybe UEFA should start doing stuff like that and see how many people can predict what happens 100%. Although, I don't know if other countries do this or not. They sure as hell don't do this in America. We'd be all for the upset to choose Arsenal or PSG to win it all. xD