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Thread: Golden boot feature

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    Golden boot feature

    Hey guys,

    What about a "golden boot" feature at the end of the league?

    Every team gets the chance to vote on 5 players, apart from their own team which are playing in the same league.

    A bit like this:
    Imagine there's a league with 3 teams: team A, B and C.

    I'm team A, and I'm going to vote on 5 players from other teams, from which I think they deserve it.
    1st: Player I from team B
    2nd: Player J from team B
    3rd: Player K from team C
    4th: Player L from team B
    5th: Player M from team C

    The best player according to the voter (Player I in this case) gets 5 points
    The second best player according to the voter (Player J) gets 4 points
    & so on to the 5th player, who gets 1 point

    At the end, when every team voted, all points will be gathered & the winning player's team gets a reward like morale bags or cash money!

    Another suggestion for a reward is that the winning player gets an amount of skill points!


    Then I would like to suggest to reward the top scorers, best passers & player with the highest average.
    But when a player ended up first in 2 list (best scorer & best passer) he only gets rewarded once.

    This reward can also be morale bags or cash for the team, or skill points for the player.

    When both suggestions will be implemented, teams can't vote on players who became first in the previous mentioned rankings. Otherwise players can also get rewarded twice.

    - Makes the game more interactive
    - Players (or teams) get rewarded for their performances => players get better
    - Golden boot also exists in real life

    - Not all teams are playing T11 everyday, which means some teams are not voting for players. Hope this is not going to be a big problem to edit a feature like this.

    Hoping you guys will like this idea!
    It may be a bit of a challenge, but it'd be a great feature I think!
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    "When both suggestions will be implemented, teams can't vote on players who became first in the previous mentioned rankings. Otherwise players can also get rewarded twice."

    Have not seen this problem... The voting should start in the last 2-3 days of the season.. The first places aren't decided yet in that period.. That's why I came up with this:

    The player who ends up first in one of the rankings can't win the golden boot, so all his votes won't count when gathering all points for the winner of the golden boot.

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    How about no voting, just plain rewarding the MVP of every league. And I don't mean the players with the highest average score because we all know how sometimes a player could get a 8 for a brace and an assist and sometimes a 9 for getting sent off.
    Some tokens and/or a medal or something. For example- I keep selling all the players who get injured and my highest scorer in my treble winning campaign has about 20 goals. My sister's team however (third placed in the same league), has a striker with 30 goals and about 20 assists. The guy surely deserves something for single-handedly keeping her team up in the top 4. I mean he outscored all of my scout level strikers and my buddy's scouts.

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    Imagine that in your league you have 3 teams of the same player... as I have seen ...-.-'
    who will win? ^.^'

    just I wanna have the trophy as better scorer and all things like this, goalkeeper....
    ok, so I prefeer no voting. Just give me the trophy like the better scorer of the 3rd season.... my player Adam Sallstrom did 21 goals and want a trophy for that!! (-.-)'

    I see lot of people here that wants that, but people of TOP ELEVEN and NORDEUS are... simply of holidays. they don't will read this. if is not true, just answer that guys.
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    Is not a good idea because nobody will vote for the first one because he won league or they will use their friends to get votes.