Well, the idea, is when the season starts, to select the 2 hours of the day, with more posibilities to play the matches In your stadium, at home. Ok? for me is possible to play and be in the matches between the 22:00-00:00 for example, so, my suggestion is to have the posibility to program a season with more posibilities to be in the game, and, don't waste 2 tokens to change the hour of the match... I think for people that don't buy tokens is better to use it to buy players, or to increase the stadium... or for the injuries... for a red pack..
A game more adapted to the players, will be played MORE AND BETTER. And I really hate to be "controlled" by a game with matches at 12:00, 15:00, 18:69, or something like this. I hate to be aware of the matches in my stadium, when... if is my stadium, why I don't decide better hour to play?
that's not complicated to program... and players will organize better his life, sleep-work-play or STUDY.

Say that for me, maybe is not a problem waste 2 tokens and play a match at 2:00 of the night, but THERE ARE LOTS OF YOUNG PLAYERS, KIDS OF ..8? 10? 12? years, that as I said are controlled by the game. And that's a sh**. Game need more flexibility in that!!!!!!

Thank you!