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Thread: Be possible to writte longer names and surnames!

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    Spanish Forum Moderator khris's Avatar
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    Jun 2013

    Be possible to writte longer names and surnames!

    I wanna buy a player, ST, and put a special name to him...
    The name is Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink
    in the real shirt of this old player of celtic, you can see all the surname in the shirt...
    but, if I try to writte all this as a surname.. not possible..

    I really wanna writte this surname, and go to the field screen, with all the players, and read "Vennegoor of Hesselink", as in the real TV matches... but no possible..
    at now I have Van Nistelrooy but when I go to field screen just can read "Van Niste.."

    ...(-.-)''' is that complicated??

    yeah, at the end I will buy a player and will writte;
    name; jan Vennegoor
    surname, of Hesselink

    and his name in the field will be "of Hesselink"

    I'm complicated, yeah xD
    But, what about writte longer names and see players in the field as in the tv or newspaper? ehh -.-'

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    Jun 2013
    too I have Roberto carlos,
    but to see the name "Roberto carlos" in a match, and not simply "Carlos", I had to writte,
    name; Roberto
    surname: Roberto Carlos

    why we can not decide the name we wanna see in a player during a match, just decide the name of the shirt? mmm..¬¬''''

    the same with Ronaldinho...
    I writte,
    name: Ronaldo de A.
    surname: Ronaldinho
    and with this tactic "Ronaldinho" do goals....-.-''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

    (-_-)' more real pleaseeeee I work lots of hours in this game xD

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    I agree. If you're going to spend the coins to change the player name, nationality and #, you should be able to do anything that is possible in real life.
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    Another thing is that special characters like - or . is in the default name, but I can't rename him. I ever try to rename my player to Alex-Oxlade Chamberlain once and it says that name contains illegal characters...
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    Yes, they should include all characters that are in names, as thos and ones like ã,ü, & ß etc.
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    Spanish Forum Moderator khris's Avatar
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    Jun 2013
    yeah.. here another important thing.. we can not writte all the characters... because they have a "illegal" name so xDD
    as I said, this game need some changes to be a little bit real)
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