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Thread: % more of tokens for the loyal and real inverters of this game...

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    % more of tokens for the loyal and real inverters of this game...

    Yeah, I know is not beauty to say, because, if you don't buy tokens and 50% teams of your league buy it, is... complicated, and this is the moment that, tired of this **** you hate this game.
    But, this is a great game, and the people that I know, don't "works for love to the art" (as we say in spain^^) sure you are reading that, and, sure, you don't work for free...
    so, I think, that, there are different forms to have a great team, without waste tokens, just use 1 month to train, without win a level, to have a 5-6 stars team, and... thats all...
    you will have a great team for the next month.

    But, I think that the loyal players that every month paying, and buy tokens, are the inverters of this game, and thanks to this people, that... just is doing a ..simple thing... that is pay ... this people of nordeus is working to do a better game.... ....or that is suposed... ...¬¬'

    so, my idea is, completely fair;
    1st month you buy tokens at the normal price..
    and, if next month you buy tokens again, you have a 5% more of tokens,
    and if you do it in the 3rd month, a 10% more, and a 5% more for every consecutive month.

    Cos yeah, people wants tokens for free... but, nothing will change with that... cos, all players can have 100 tokens for free every month, but at the end, the difference with the people that buy tokens every month will be the same... so, I think that nordeus and some players of here, have to meditate about this option, because... is that simple, if somebody pay, all players (now...¿? hundreds? no, really, are millions and we know it..) will continue playing this game. But if one day, everybody try to play for free, like other facebook games, top eleven will dissapear.
    So, bonuses for good Christians!! top eleven,

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    Right ....

    If I was a token buyer, I would agree with you !

    Because I am not, I complety disagree. The difference between token buyer an nonbuyer would be even greater. And At the end of the day, token buyer and non-buyer are the ones that made that game survive. Of course, tokens buyer pay so Nordeus has money, but non-buyers have a very important role. Which is to make this game popular !

    If there is really 10M players on that game, how many of us are not token buyers? 7M would be a very very conservative number. I would say more like 9M players ANyways, the point is, if there is not any token buyers, you would not always finish in the top 2 of your league and then you would be complaining that you pay so you should win If not, you would quit which mean that the game would pass from 10M player to 500k players. (500k player is if you take out all non-token buyers because they get smashed every games by token buyer. They would hate the game and quit )

    The important thing for Nordeus, is the following: losing 9M free players is a lot. For the popularity (friends invites friends) but also for potential buyers. The chance that players in that 9M free player will one day buy for 30$ of tokens is very very high!

    would you pissed off a potential 30M dollars customers by making the gap between buyer and non-buyer greater??? I know I would not if I was Nordeus! But... that said, you could have few hours discount (10%-20%) every few months so they could fill up their bank accounts

    That said, what is a few more tokens for tokens buyers right? non-token buyer will continue to get smashes has now right? True but giving away tokens for free would still be I kind of lost for Nordeus. (except in those special discount day) Imagine if they give away.... I don'T know, maybe.......10 M free tokens per month, how much money is that????

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