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Thread: Suggestion how to make the game abit better.

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    Suggestion how to make the game abit better.

    The game is fun, but the token thing is making people crazy. Most people i talked to are about to stop playing the game because of that. Some players have a lot of money but cant do anything without the tokens.


    *When other players bid on your player on the transfer market. You will get the tokens and money they bid with.
    *Only money to sign the U21 players (No tokens)
    *Send 1 token to a friend just the way you send morale, health and skill points.
    *More ways to earn money, Sell arena name, add boards etc.
    *Search your friends in game.
    *Buy more tokens with earned money in game.
    *Better transfer system. If you loose a bid some of the tokens is returned to you. Or if you want to keep all playing get rid of the token system.
    *Build a Construction site that allows you to speed up contruction on arena and contruct 2 things at once.
    *Loan out a player to other clubs.

    This is just constructive feedback. //whipmon
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    Your ideas are not bad at all, but use search we already talked about almost all your ideas.
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