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Thread: i gotta suggestion fix the damn logging out issue

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    i gotta suggestion fix the damn logging out issue

    I am seriously fed up with being logged out while i'm typing a post. I can sit here and read through many threads or not even do anything and nothing happens but every damn time i try to write a post long than 2 freaking minutes i get logged out. There is no reason whatsoever to have an automatic logout. And what the is the autosave for when it doesn't work. And if it does work i sure as hell don't know where/how to find what i "lost".

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    same here before i registered on the forums. youre using connect via FB right?
    as someone said before, if youre only connecting via FB, copy what youve written before posting
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    Yep, I could *never* get the remember me to work with Facebook, and it has not failed to work since I now sign in with a user name/password. Yes, it's a little less convenient, but I really also hated being in the middle of a long thought and *boom* logged out... grr grr.. so indeed I rec' making a new sign on without using Facebook.
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