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Thread: The immortal player

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    The immortal player

    Sure that souds something crazy. Sure that nobody will be agree. But for me (and I am sure others) will be a good option to pay...? 100 tokens? to change the age of a player again to 18 and to recapture eternal youth for our player.

    As I said, every player have a "special" character, I don't know how many characters of different players can create the game, but I think that's a good "deal" for us and Nordeus.. if we can keep a player... 1 at least... the better spacial.

    that's a game xD
    we can have 7 injuries.
    2 or 3 idiot players.
    or a girl called "Maria Antonieta" in our team, so? what's wrong?.
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    Disagree, wouldn't make sense to change the age.
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    I don't think 'immortal player' is such a good idea, However I'd like to see players careers last longer in teams than they already are. The youngest players are 18 year olds and they are "old men" for training sakes when they reach the age of 26 and by the time they are 30 years old, they are finished basically, quite sad to see important players and players that perform amazing decline within months of purchasing them. If with a push with lots of power training, a player can only remain realistically in your team for a calender year at a good enough standard to remain in your team.
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    7 players stick too much then, a teams maximum only 25 player, 7 players stich .What is stone?
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    This will make the game even more unrealistic. I feel they should make a few rare 1 out of every 50 veteran player who stays till the age of... What??? 40???? Like Ryan Giggs. The sec players should continue training like 24 yo players even after they hit 30 and then their training rate should decrease. I would love to have a few veteran players.
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    at the end the only way to do something in this sense, is this.... have players of 40 years ... and for example like Raul Gonzalez, from Real madrid, he was playing in the Schalke 04, at now he is 36 years old and... like Ryan Giggs, in the Schalke he did a great work..... really I don't understand why they don't add players with long career... 32 years is nothing....-.-'

    well, I understand only that nordeus proggrammed the game to win money, and maybe...¿? maybe... maybe nothing... the only problem for nordeus adding a long career for some players is a "bad" market of players... because players will stay in the clubs during more seasons, but at the and Nordeus win the same because if you don't buy a new player, you train your player during all his life, if it's possible train this player until he have 40, 41 or 42......

    so... with longer life for "some" players, not all, the game will win a lot because will be more "real" and too probable to have a 9* player if his % of training is higher in a player during more years than now....

    So, at now I know that this is the only "realistic" and posible thing that we can wish to add in the game.
    I know that this is not Dragon Ball, and... don't have to be so easy to recover the eternal youth in a football game. xD