Apart from obvious things that get discussed every day like match times and Friendly matches (which i know there working on) - Other than that i believe there are many improvements that can be done.

Transfers - Swap players - No cash involved simply a token fee to Nordeus.
- Loan Players - I would love to be able to loan out players, I try to have a good squad including my subs and reserves but they suffer as far as progression counts as they are not used as much. This would also help players that do not have the token power to buy decent players all the time. You could loan a player for a short time (3 days) or a season long loan.
- Negotiations - Fairer token charges to Nordeus for approaching players. Nordeus can take as much as 50 Tokens at my level for a decent player and with the extra 20 tokens the opposing manager receives plus 6M + cash it is too much. I know Nordeus needs there cut but it should be the same as is offered to the opposing manager.

Squad/Training - Tactics - More in-depth tactics like the ability to choose times that auto subs make there appearance. The ability to train individual players, for instance if a player that is of good quality is not performing well like not scoring you should be able to improve that players form by concentrating on certain aspects of training.

Matches - Leagues - Im sick of playing bots/unmanned teams, so how about filtering all manned teams into the same leagues so that every team in every league is manned. Then all unmanned/bots can wither away on other servers. This would increase interest and competition.

Friends - Chat - Simply the ability to chat or make conversation with friends even if they banned certain words.
- playing with friends - I think when you start the game it should give you the chance to find friends playing the game and match you up with them so that you are not on different servers. I am on the same server as a couple of friends but the friends that i am closest with and we started on the same day i am not on the same server with.

Club shop - Cheaper items - Who in there right mind would spend hundreds of tokens on a Logo or a shirt? it is ludicrous considering it is a simulation game and the shirts are rarely seen and have no real purpose in the game. Official items should cost a realistic amount so that non token buyers can have the chance to buy these.

Transfer news - Information board - I would love an information board about friends and players in my league/champions league. If there were a section that was like a vidiprinter and showed close rivals transfer news etc it would make time in between matches more interesting. It could show who friends have been drawn agains ion the cup without having to fish out the information yourself and it should tell you if your closest rival has just signed a new striker etc.

- Pre match press conference - A chance to tell your upcoming opponent how you feel about the game, weather it be that of confidence or simply that you are looking forward to a good game.

These are not things i have given great thought about but simply things that pop into my head on a daily basis. I would love to hear of other people ideas too, so post underneath your ideas. My plan is you compress all the best ideas into a letter and send it to Nordeus as there company policy states that they have to respond fully to any written contact.