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Thread: Advanced game plan setup!

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    Advanced game plan setup!

    why don't you come up with a way to enhance setting up my game plan if i'm not able to watch it live? i know this exists but my suggestion is to be able to set up substitutions at certain times. for example i would like to setup to substitute one of my players on the 60th minute, etc... or even change my formation from 4-3-3 to 4-4-2 for example in the second half....

    if you come up with a way for us to be able to set up the game in a more advance way, it would be amazing achievement cause a lot of time i'll be either sleeping or maybe at a business meeting.

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    That's what i've said LOL but my suggestion say what u say and too, be posible to change "if", if- we go 0-0 , change this ST, for this other ST, or if we loose, or just... "if".
    So, now we are 2 asking for the same
    but really looking that... there are more important thing to change and I really don't expect for a change.