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Thread: Train the 2 players from the academy

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    Train the 2 players from the academy

    I think is not real to say that you can not train young players of your own team, if they don't have contract.
    I've seen some players without contract using the fields of some teams to train.

    So, my suggestion is that, if we have 7 days to do the contract of OUR young player, we have to have the posibility to train this players, until we wait, to have the tokens to buy this player, or, the space in our team to do his/her contract, and assign the skill points.
    Of course, if we don't do the contract, and player say bye bye, skill points have to be deleted.


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    Agree ... plus I would like the option to play them in games as well, they've come through the teams academy so they should be allowed to play for the 7 days to see if they impress or not.
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