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Thread: Ban Player

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    This guy only puts 4 team players in just to injur as much players as possible.
    I finaly made it to the Cup and had to play him twice.
    First game he kicked 4 of my players off injury for 5 days.
    Second time (Day later) same thing happend anothe 4 of my team kicked off 5 days injury
    so i lost 8 players in 2 days and still have to play the cup to get further.
    People like this should be banned from the game its not fair i dont have a realy strong team
    but when i lose 8 players in 2 days my chances that i get thru next round are realy slim.
    I hope that someone admin or what from the game will kick this guy off and repair my team
    players so i get a fair chance to get thru the next round

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    This is an abandoned team and should disappear in not too long by the looks of it.
    Expressed above is my own opinion. Your results may vary.
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    Is about what we talked yesterday... we have to have the posibility to "save" the team, if we don't use it. At now if we don't log in, it simply disappear, and thats not beautiful....
    At now this type of teams only loose if they have injuried or suspended players, because can not play the match if you don't have enough players. For the other side, until the team disappear, it doesn't matter if your team have only 5 players, because the game do the simulation always like with 11.... (invisible)......-.-'''
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    this shouldnt be possible i lost 6 players in 2 games in 2 days because of this team and i have seen some more like this team.
    Because i or we get so many injured players for 5 days and we get more in fallowing game we cant replace them because we dont have a player to put in and means its a competition distortions. I think that as soon as there are less then 8 players the team shouldnt be able to play and be taken out of competition. and teams that have been disadvantaged should be helped so they have a chance to play on and have a fair chance to go to next round

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    They don't ban anyone. People who leave the game, set teams to Hard Defending and Hard Tackling before they go, just to troll.

    Nordeus doesn't care. They want you to buy health packs with tokens, that is, real money. So, it's good to them.