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Thread: Not fair at all !!!!

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    Angry Not fair at all !!!!

    Dear Nordeus,
    I think for some people who has been keen on playing Top eleven would be crazy because they spend alot of time and money (for TOKEN) into this game and disappointed about the result of their team. Ofcourse, nobody can win forever but do you think Timor Leste is able to DRAW Brazil ???

    some pictures below like a proof for the CRAZY of your games. SEE then UNDERSTAND
    Not fair at all !!!!-a4.jpgNot fair at all !!!!-a3.jpgNot fair at all !!!!-a2.jpgNot fair at all !!!!-a1.jpg

    it's my friend's game and I hope it won't happen to me !

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    U do realize u came up against a 5 man midfield and your one MC is against 3 in the middle? Classic counter attack would hurt u if u had the wrong orders on.

    I drew with an opposition who was similarly like yours - 13 ratings below me and his GK was MoM. It happens sometimes when certain opposition players are on form.
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