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Thread: Assistant manager/caretaker manager while I'm on holiday

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    Newbie Rebecca Jones's Avatar
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    Apr 2014

    Question Assistant manager/caretaker manager while I'm on holiday

    Apologies if this question gets duplicated. I posted it and it vanished in to thin air!

    So, all I wanted to know was if it is possible to assign a trusted friend to be a caretaker manager when I'm unable to attend one of my own matches?

    For example, I just supported one of my friends matches (who was at work and unable to play) her team saw one red card and another player injured and unable to play. If she could have given me the position of assistant manager in her absence, I could have made some tactical changes for her.

    Is this possible? Would anyone else like to see this?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Dreamer Christian Christiansen's Avatar
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    Sep 2013
    This is not possible...
    By the way i don't think this game is that important to have an assistant manager.
    You can give your friend you email and password on facebook so they could manage your team for you.
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    Spanish Forum Moderator khris's Avatar
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    Jun 2013
    "?" well first say the same as the mate, that's no possible, for logical privacity rules and... well...
    I'm not agree at all... I was thinking in this option, but in different way, for example depending of the level of your friends, give the option to other managers to work as 2nd coach, and, been in his account, train your team for you, without login to your team....
    We know that teams have some different trainers... one for GK's one specific for others, so... maybe Nordeus can give me an option to puch a button, and train my friend team, in lower % or something like this...

    ....(-.-)' something.... like this LOL