Well, I do have a lot to talk about money. Let's start for the easiest but dumbest thing: jersey numbers.

Let's imagine: I hire a GK and he gets a random number, let's say 10 (that btw should never be a free number), and then, I notice that makes nonsense, and I want to change it, but it would take me 1 token to do that. That's absurd!!! Changing a jersey number can't cost the same as the player itself. Changing the name or the emblem of the club are things that make sense to cost 1Token, as well as changing a name of any player, because it increase his probability to being sold in auction, but number should be for FREE. Or at least costing you money, instead of tokens. Or even a prohibition to receive some merchandising benefits for 2-3 games (period to make new jerseys and put them to sell).

PROFIT. The modern football its all about making it profitable. The clubs want to see positive cash-flow. Some teams are known for multiplying the value of a player by 5/6 or even more times (like my glorious Benfica ), they buy players for 5 million and sell them for 25. In TopEleven we only can make about 120%-140% of their initial value. It should be somewhere between 200%-300% (relatively to their initial value) for some players of course. The actual margins are way too low!!!

The contracts should last one more year (the initial with be 4) and we should be able to define only the period of time we want to sign or renew the contract (2,3 or 4 years for both), keeping the conditions of the player as they are now. Renewing a contract should increase the players value as well as his moral, at the end, you're giving him confidence to stay in the club and being part of the squad.

I have to end with the ONE thing that is missing in the game: LOANS. Why there is no Loan option??? Two reasons to have loans: giving more games and experience to younger talents, making them more valuable and better players. And also to make a business with that. There are many clubs that send lots of players on loan and make money with that. But especially because of the young talents. It costs us a galactic amount of tokens just to raise a player half a star. No one is going to pay 120Tk to increase a player in 6pts.