After winning the league at level 17 i was delighted to be promoted and have a crack at the champions league for the first time in 5 seasons. I was pretty pissed off however when I found out I had been put in the KO draw for level 19 teams. I understand that numbers dictate that discrepancies will occur but in effect I have been given zero chance of progressing: my first match was against a side who in 'real' terms put out 3 x 8*, 4 x 7*, 3 x 6* and one 5* player. The one 5* player was still better than my best player.

Surely it is fairer to all to skew the split the other way and put ONE strong team down a level against THREE players from the same level? In reality the strong team should qualify but it at least gives every one else a chance of progressing? As it stands if you're playing 6 games against teams who in effect are 825 skill points per side better what's the point?