Now that friendlies only matter to the challenging team they should add some options and treat the game like a specialized training session.

I've noticed that most friendlies only use about half the stamina that a normal match does and thus lower % gains.

To me it would make sense to have a "match intensity" option that would allow you to gain more trainer points, but lose more stamina too. I think it would make sense to have 5 levels:
  1. Normal Friendly (current rate, about 1/2 of league match)
  2. Intense Friendly (2/3 to 3/4 of league match)
  3. League Intensity
  4. Cup Intensity
  5. Champions Intensity

Before anyone even says "but you can just play more than one friendly": let me remind you that friendlies take time and planning! This system would not "nerf" anything either as you'd buy more green/red packs as a result. From the standpoint of selling this is a good business move.

That all said, who thinks this is a decent idea?