In my last 5 games i got 1 injurie per game, and no injuries of 1 or 2 days, all of them between 4 o 5 days. And beside that after my last match i trained some players who were 9*% of condition, and one of them got injured too.

Like i said in the title, THIS IS WAYYY TOOO MUCHH!!!... way out of the reality or imagination.
And that said without including threatments, which everyone know are almost useless because of the quantity that are required to heal one players.

Please fix the porcentage of injured player in a game, or low quantity of booster require to heal them.
This is going over every limits, do something before it get worse.

And dont get wrong about what i said, im talking with all do respect. This is a good game, and i would like to keep thinking the same.