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Thread: This will make Top11 much much better!

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    This will make Top11 much much better!

    Esteemed Staff at Nordeus,
    It's quite a time now I play Top Eleven and I thought about some improvements upon the game.
    I didn't read all threads about suggestions, so maybe you already read some of those I'm going to list below:

    a) Formation and tactics: improve Formation and tactics system in order to give multiple and different choices to setup for all different tournaments, so managers will have the option to pre-set different formation and tactics for Championship/CL/Cup;

    b) Auto substitutions: matches starts during working hours, so some managers can't manage the team during the match.
    As a team can potentially include players of all different roles, it happens than an in-play injured DC is substituted by a (pre-setted) DL/DR. Playing with four defenders, DL-DC-DC-DR (or midfielders, which is the same fact), we have 3 roles to cover with only two choice for substitutions, only without knowing what will happen during the match, so a more advanced substitutions system will result as a big improvement;

    c) Intensity setup: in the training section the "rest" option is totally useless, so why not imagine it is players' free time which they can use however they like, so using that option will results a bit tiring in exchange of a moral boost, I'd say half of the moral bar;

    d) a betting system while watching friends' or others' matches. It will be more interactive betting while following mathces. Game money or tokens can be earned (or lost) by betting on 1X2 within 90 minutes;

    e) Improve players' contract renewals: Managers take all choices in this game and I think he should manage players' contracts too. I think the manager should have the chance to propose an offer for renewal managing years and wages. Players can accept or refuse renewal within a two hours limit. In case of refuse a new proposal can be proposed.
    I think this is possible to make as it is for setting the selling price of a player, only managing years and wages;

    f) Improve sponsorships: imagine a real footbal field, it is surrounded by advertises. Dividing the surroundings in four wings, North, East, South and West, it will be possible to sell advertising spaces for moneys or, sometimes, tokens. Managers will be offered different and multiple choices for advertising, diversified on time and money earned. One choice for each wing should be allowed;

    g) Academy: when academy is at its top level, managers should have the chance to choose which role for next outcoming young players. Academy should also work as a younger team (run by the CPU) and managers can follow players performances and improvements, in order to choose which players promote to the major team. Managers should have this option once a week. Choosen young players will be replaced with next ones when ready;

    h) buildings: Enormous parking lot can store 15.000 cars, stadium at top level has ten times more seats... Extend it.
    Also put a new building like Club store, in wich different and various items can be sold: jerseys, tracksuits, footballs, keyrings, coffee mugs, memorabilia and whatever you can think of. Managers can setup production lots for items and selling prices, this will generate incomes;

    i) Stadium selections to host the CL and Cup Finals. It should be done selecting those facilities which are built at top level. This will be prestigious for host clubs.
    Also an idea for a new building, connected to point ā€œiā€: hotels nearby the stadium will help to attract more finalist fans, in order to have a +% possession during the match;

    j) Statistics: improve statistics, everybody loves it and it could be good to have more club/team/players records about tournaments, also on passed seasons;

    k) Players statistics for CL and Cup tournaments: as it is for the Championship, stats for top scorers/top assistmen/top rated player should be added. Awards for those players should be added too;

    l) token rewards for tournaments victories: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places should be rewarded with tokens. Top scorers/assistmen/top rated players should also be rewarded with tokens or special trophies or items;

    m) Players voted as MVPs should be rewarded with 1 skill point.

    Can I apply for a job in Your team?
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    Most if not all have been suggested before. So take a seat, a number and wait to be called.

    Don't have a problem with them except for Betting. With betting comes cheating and there's enough match-fixing already.

    PS the Rest option resets the intensity which can be useful.