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Thread: What is the point of our suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cat Harrison View Post
    It is NOT pointless. The suggestions are looked at, I can promise you! not that the changes all happen, but some have. I think they really are trying to improve the (admittedly not perfect) communication, lately for sure.
    Cat, as you know I have raised this point previously. I think part of the problem is that T11/Nordeus do not acknowledge the contributions/suggestions that players make. We all want a game that we can enjoy but the longer you play the more frustrated you get. There are many parts of the game that can be improved and I know it takes time for Nordeus to do this but the lack of communication really cheeses players off. If Nordeus could improve their customer service skills that would be a big help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nikolgiorgos View Post
    Well, there is a hope.

    good luck guys
    Top Eleven - Be a Community Manager
    Hmmm.... time ago some managers told me that... if I work for Nordeus.... LOL

    Let's analyze:


    Creating and engaging loyal Top Eleven community across the globe...✓✓
    Closely communicating with the community to inform them about future game updates, current statuses, listen to their feedback and taking that feedback to the product team.....✓✓
    Utilization of our social media channels....✓✓
    Hiring gamemasters that will further spread Top Eleven knowledge to the community.....✓✓
    Event planning and execution in cooperation with product and publishing teams – both online and offline events....✓✓
    Be part of the Top Eleven development team and collaborate within the team in order to define game improvements by providing users’ feedback and your own expertise....✓✓
    Constant issue reporting to the product team in order to solve our users’ problems.....✓✓
    Close collaboration with Publishing and Social Media teams.......✓✓
    Administration of Top Eleven forum – lead forum administration, hire moderators, set rules, create engaging content, etc....✓✓
    Stay up to date with the game industry and what is going on in a community management field.....✓✓

    1+ years of experience in working with communities (online and offline) – social media, forums, event management...✓✓
    Knowledge of Social Media, PR and Marketing, collaboration with media.... +/-
    LOVE for video games and video games knowledge (especially Football Management games) and have a passion for football...✓✓
    Creative thinking, multitasking, threat detection, “getting under the skin” of our community, appealing to our player base....✓✓
    Fluent in English... :'D
    Great verbal and communication skills.......LOL
    Excellent time management, organizational and analytical skills....✓✓

    Highly creative — everyone here designs the games we make....✓✓
    Have “get a things done” attitude!...✓✓
    Being a team player in a dynamic and iterative environment.....✓✓

    Hmnmmmmm..... analyzing... seems like I'm approved 80%. XD

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    I've told them that they are idiots if they don't employ me and they didn't, so enough said
    Ex top eleven player

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    Quote Originally Posted by t11_fan View Post
    i've told them that they are idiots if they don't employ me and they didn't, so enough said :d

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    As a moderator I can tell you that we are taking care of reports and the best always are redirected to NORDEUS but they can't add something over the night is just impossible plus some of them are not so good or impossible.

    Players asked for more official teams (DONE) and others are coming!
    Friendly games - SOLVED!
    Phone version (a lot of things added from desktop version over time)
    More scount players - YES
    Achievement - I asked for this years ago but they did it so yea
    History - Done

    And there are others so is not useless.... is just the game have milions of players, is not like you can change something so easier..
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