1. SCOUTS I agree with the idea that listings should be more youthful 16-19 but there should remain a sprinkling of experienced players as there are those who would like to add a "veteran" presence to their lineup, most likely as a rental near end of season or something along those lines. The new varied token pricing is a good idea poorly executed. 50 tokens is steep enough and should have been left as the max and scaled down from there. I do like the expanded amount in the listings.
2.SQUAD & TRAINING TABS Revamp the color coding to the following: RED = ST, ORANGE = AML/AMC/AMR, YELLOW ML/MC/MR, GREEN = DML/DMC/DMR, BLUE = DL/DC/DR & PURPLE = GK. Along with new coding add the ability to sort the Roles tab in each and in the SCOUTS listing. This would allow for easier comparisons and to train specific groups. Also add the AVG rating along with Last 5 and # of injuries.
3.YOUTH ACADEMY Players need to be a tad more advanced, otherwise they wouldn't be called up. The token pricing needs to be replaced. The player is already under team contract, I shouldn't have to pay again. Set a standard contract dependent on age that player comes up with then parent team has to increase contract by a set min/max level dependent on skill level. (*Note* I fully understand that Nordeus needs to have means of revenue.) I think a mix of cash and tokens that would scale up as you level up, 1st-3rd at one price then go up from there. The amount of cash would increase at greater proportion than tokens and tokens max at 25.

Thanks for reading. Input welcome.