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Thread: Pay per to unlock age

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    Pay per to unlock age

    As I've said in ma team showcase page I had 3 players that leaved the club due to age, 33 or 34.
    I will suggest to create the option to pay some tokens to keep players during more years, like unlock the age
    35 for, 12T
    36 for 18T
    37 for 22T
    38 for 24T
    This till 42.

    All managers have this special player, 1 of every 30 or 40 that they wanna keep till years so, I think is a very interesting idea, because at the end these players are slow trainers, and managers will keep these only for fun/special feeling for them.

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    I like this idea. but only for 1 more year, and it should cost cash not tokens.

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    That's interesting idea. I have no opinion on cost of token or money as this is the price Nordeus wants us to pay.

    Related idea can be calling legend players of the team out of retirement for playing short period. I also suggest reducing the cost for retaining retiring home country players. Maybe free in token in this case.

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    Yeah. I'd suggest that a retiring player can be offered 1 more special contract and the Manager can choose whether thats 1, 2 or 3 more seasons wit fees scaled accordingly. And I like cookizzz additional suggestions on scaling for home grown etc.

    No firm view on whether there should be a restriction on the type of retiring player that can be offered this special contract.
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