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Thread: Blank teams in league

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    Blank teams in league

    I apologize for my bad English.
    I want to ask why such a team are allowed to play in the league? Yes, it is easy points for me and the other managers, but still would like to make it impossible to start the game without the players on the field or goalkeepers in place fielders.
    Because it's weird when you play against a blank team, or team, which has the goalkeeper is in attack, and goals are empty.Blank teams in league-.jpgBlank teams in league-2.jpg

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    Sadly this is probably an abandoned team. Maybe the manager has stopped playing or has lost internet connection. This has happened to me a while back, I lost my internet and I could not update my team for a few weeks. T11 has a policy of allowing 70 days for teams to be re-activated before deleting, to take into account unforseen circumstances for each player. It is unfortunate to come across abandoned teams but it is sadly just part of the game. T11 will try its best to make a game go ahead but if your opponents do no have 11 fit players then you get a 3-0 win.

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    Blank teams in league-mother-god-meme-168297.jpg