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Thread: The forum suggestion/feedback thread II

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    I suggest that someone (anyone!) from the Nordeus team has a look through the last ( oh, I don't know, last 56 days (2 seasons)) worth of posts here in the forum and totals up how many noobs have joined the forum to make posts to find out WTF is happening with the game.
    Yes we are a very small minority of players here in the forum. Yes, some of us are particularly vocal.
    But I see an increasing number of new forum members making inquiries/complaints. If this is multiplied by the % of players that we on the forum are not, that's a lot of unhappy players.
    Go on. Have a look. Please have a look. And then stop ballsing the game up.

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    Please fix the letters of the Greek forum .
    I 'm writing in capitals and then in the post, they are small letters

    for example post 126
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    read the intro post first

    * use google translate if don't understand
    Καλώς ήρθατε στο Ελληνικό φόρουμ

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