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Thread: The forum suggestion/feedback thread II

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manuel_811 View Post
    Ideas for Top Eleven to be as realistic as possible

    1st way to support friends
    I suggest Nordeus create a support button, a person has 20 friends playing at the same time, it is very annoying to enter and return to a friend's game to return to the same place to return to support all friends.
    See pictures:

    2nd Results addicted
    It is not the first time, that we have seen strange games / results. It is not possible for a team to score 4 goals in 4 minutes at the end of the game. Fantastic game like Top Eleven this can never happen. It is not the first time I have heard this, many managers complain about it.

    2.1ยบ Does a team, for example, of 90%, give more fight than a team of 120%? This does not make sense, something is wrong in this sense.

    3rd Draw mode
    For league, For Cup and For Champions League / Super league - The draw's should have a difference between teams between 5% to 10% of the average of the 14 strongest players of the teams, and not 40% more. I have friends with an average of 100%, they got very strong teams of 150% or more, where is the equality in this? Others caught 170%, etc etc .. See Photos

    For events - The difference between teams must be between 5% to 10% of the average of the 11 strongest players on the teams, and not 30% more.

    In that same Champions League, they have more strength in the other groups. Is a 123% team equal to winning a Champions League with teams of 142%, 158%? Equality 0.
    I don't even like to play in these competitions with these very big differences.

    4th daily videos / suitcase's
    I suggest nordeus finish the 24h mode to be able to watch the videos.
    A person works and will not be able to watch the videos at work. If nordeus finished this 24h mode, the person could choose the best time to watch his daily videos ...

    5th Loan / Purchasing Players
    An example: A friend wants a loaner of players yours, even if they are not from the same server and level of coach, there should be a loan mode, I suggest borrowing a maximum of 3 Tokens, 1 Token for Nordeus and 2 Tokens for the team that lends the loan player.
    At the end of a week, if my friend likes the player, he can buy that same player for another 5 Tokens, 2 Tokens for Nordeus and 3 Tokens for the team that sells the player.

    6th Facts / Improvements
    When strikers are isolated in front of goal only with the goalkeeper in front, do they miss goals?
    Tactical orders - Does a person change from the right flank to the left flank, but the moves are still on the right flank?

    Junior Academy
    The junior academy should be improved, to leave top players.
    1st Improvement - you should only train the white skills of the players.
    2nd Improvement - make a championship or pre-season games just for young people, to increase the white parts of the skill.
    3rd Improvement - these youngsters from the academy never leave a good evolution.
    4th Improvement - all this is free, all teams worldwide have teams A and B.

    The rewards for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd league, cup, champions league and Super Cup should give money and Tokens.
    The associations also, the 1st and 2nd places of each weekends should earn tokens

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    Thank's for sharing your suggestions

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    Every season i had to be with higher level teams on champions cup, it is unfair for me cuz they always have better teams than me. I cant win it, why it has to be like this? Why not same level guys on same champions cup..
    And so many other alsoy on same situation

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    Add good presents like 1 token, 5 bags of blue, red or green for the people who see the games of friends and suppport them in the match. Thats it will help more people connect and watch games to support.

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    Players achievement should be shown with the club they won it in as a tab in their profile.
    Golden boot
    The best
    Highest assist,etc

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