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Thread: Forfeit score is unfair and also glitchy on app

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    Forfeit score is unfair and also glitchy on app

    The 3-0 Forfeit score can really mess with the opposing team:

    1. Other teams got to play this abandoned team, and they get 10-0, then you face them and get only 3-0, so the GD changes the outcome of League finish and is not fair.

    2. If you have a player competing in Tops, he loses the opportunity to gain any Goals, Assists, or up his Ratings. Very frustrating ..and in the instance most recently for my guy, it was a retiring player leading and so the chance may have passed

    Forfeit score is unfair and also glitchy on app-danny.jpg

    Forfeit score is unfair and also glitchy on app-danny1.jpg

    So the glitchy part: He was waiting to join the match and it hung at "Soon" and he had to reload to get the bad news that it was a forfeit.

    I really hate abandoned teams.. people, if you want to leave the game take over a level one team before you do.. please please...
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    And thats why I always defended that if 2 teams have same points been in the same place, we have to see the goal average between these 2 teams and not the amount of goals scored against the other 13 teams, because as you say, against the last one can score 15-0, and then if is abandoned and dont have enough players the result is automatic 3-0 for you.

    CL rules were changed, and League rules have to be changed.