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Thread: What we really need for this game?

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    What we really need for this game?

    Hi guys, today my team played a league match and I've noticed that during the "direct live" the striker was alone in front of the goalkeeper and he passes back to the midfielder... "what the hell are you doing?" I said.. and this happened 3/4 times during the match. Then i watched the live of other managers and the same happened to their striker..
    Now.. i want to say to everyone that all we need to say "this game is fantastic", are not graphics improvements because yeah.. they're nice but we don't need it!
    WE.. poor managers of top eleven.. need a realistic game because if topeleven is based on a quality of the team competition, why teams of 6/7 stars should play with teams of 3/4/5 stars? We want BALANCED LEAGUE !
    Then.. the CUP! Why teams of level 20 should play with teams of level 22 which have the same quality but also the opportunity to buy a 5 star player, that for the team of level 20 has 7 stars?! 7 S T A R S! NOT FAIR! We want teams of the same level in CUP!
    The CHAMPIONS is OK! Because in real life the campions is the mix of teams like Real Madrid and Malmo, Bayern Munchen and Olympiakos, etc.
    Last thing! CORRECT BUGS like the CRAZY STRIKERS which pass back instead of shot when they're alone in front of the goalkeeper and add the OUTSIDE in desktop version too!

    After this changements we can say " Oh God thank you for this Fantastic Game"
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    Thanks for your information. As browser version user, I don't know this. I fully support correcting it to make the game "realistic" as Nordeus claimed.

    BTW, however, is it a bug report instead of suggestion?
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    I don't know.. it is a bug report but also a suggestion for better competitions. :0

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    I saw that too, it must be a bug, impossible a ST in front of the goal alone give a back pass. Or maybe it's a realistic game as they say now.
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    What of that list do you put first priority on?

    Did you happen to read this... About Suggestions (Plead read!)